As a TYR fan, I remember watching this Pony Express show, which aired from September 1989 to May 1992 (while I was living in Asia). Ike, the mute Express rider portrayed by actor Travis Fine, has always been my favorite character. Now, it is being re-broadcasted on stations like Odyssey Channel and Family Channel (USA), as well as in Europe; from January to 3 May I watched it every weeknight on RTL9 in Switzerland (in French) at 6:30pm -- that's 9:30am California time. Scroll down for the character list or click for my ULTIMATE links page!

My thanks to all the TYR fans who've already established their own sites. I hope you'll forgive me for literally raiding your links, quote pages, and photo pages!! (I didn't use all the pics, just a few of the ones I've downloaded.)


This is my first TYR fanfic story. Check back every couple weeks to see if I've finished more chapters.

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4


A poem by E. Pauline Johnson. (Not fanfic poem, but about a Sioux Indian.)

Main Characters

Buck, Ike, Kid (in front), Jimmy, Lou, Cody

Buck Cross - Gregg Rainwater

Ike McSwain - Travis Fine

Kid - Ty Miller

Noah Dixon - Don Franklin

Emma Shannon - Melissa Leo

Rachel Dunne - Clare Wren

Jimmy Hickock - Josh Brolin

Louise Mc Cloud - Yvonne Suhor

William F. Cody - Stephen Baldwin

Jesse - Christopher Pettiet

"Teaspoon" Hunter - Anthony Zerbe

Marshal Sam Cain - Brett Cullen



Josh Brolin - February 12, 1968
Chris Pettiet (~~R.I.P.~~) - February 12, 1976
Gregg Rainwater - February 27, 1966
Stephen Baldwin - May 12, 1966
Anthony Zerbe - May 20, 1946
Travis Fine - June 26, 1967
Brett Cullen - August 26, 1956
Melissa Leo - September 14, 1960
Ty W. Miller - September 26, 1964
Yvonne Suhor - November 29, 1965
Don Franklin - December 14, 1960
Clare Wren - ?

I cannot verify these dates. There are a few websites for each date listed. If you *know* a date is listed incorrectly, please e-mail me ASAP. Thanks.



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