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I have located these via search engines and links pages.
They are categorized, but I listed sites in multiple categories.

If a website moves or is no longer accessible
OR if you know of a site not listed here

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please e-mail me * * *

Check your link to be sure the webpage loads before you e-mail it to me. I've visited a lot of links pages with links that don't work anymore. I will admit, sometimes it just takes a lot of tries before it will load the linked site. If a site refuses to load, either disconnect and reconnect to your ISP, or wait a couple days and try again.

NOTE: This doesn't include chat-rooms, message boards, and mailing lists.


These are my link categories (in order): TYR, Pony Express, Kid, Lou, Cody, Jimmy, Ike, Buck, Teaspoon, Sam, Jesse, Rachel, Noah, Emma, Online clubs etc., Fanfic, Fan info & fun stuff.


The Express Station - the first TYR website to hit the 'net, and the closest I can find to an "official" website. Cast & character bios, photos, audio, etc. Also has a page for stories written by fans.

The Way Station - currently being moved - magazine articles, wallpaper collages, audio & photos; contributions welcome.

The Home Station - photos, fan stories, links, & a poll!

Riding Tall - episode titles, stories, and links

Riders Coming! - all about TYR, various pages of info, second site online.

Welcome to Sweetwater - about the town of Sweetwater, Kansas, near the TYR station.

TYRs Are Cool - fan site with episode guide, quotes, limericks & more.

Critic's Corner - about the show, sign up for a YR e-mail address, and more. Click to sign their campaign to get TYR back onto TV--not just on Odyssey Channel.

TYR Way Station - about the show, art gallery, and even a "mad-libs" page! (That old game where someone has a short story and asks a friend for names, objects, numbers, animals, etc...then reads the story out loud. Always fun!)

TYR Lovers' Lane - TYR couples: Kid & Lou, Sam & Emma, Ike & Emily, Buck & Kathleen.

TYR Site - another fan site.

The Seacouver Way Station - TYR / "Highlander" website, mostly fanfics.

The Silver Spoon - TYR / Hogan's Heroes / Star Trek N.G. -- Fanfics, with some TYR info.

Ponnyexpressen - TYR fan site in Sweden! (site is in English, don't worry.) Info on when the show was in Sweden, some news, and a small story page.

The Kangaroo Kid Page - info on Hack "Kangaroo Kid" Wilkins and the actor, Peter Phelps, from the 2-part episode in the second season called "The Exchange." (Note: This is part of the website The Home Station.)

L'équipée du Poney Express - TYR site entirely in French...however, the webmasters also speak English, so you're welcome to send an e-mail, sign the guestbook, or try and translate the site using the link provided. :-)

Saddles 'n' Spurs - fanfic, monthly quiz, quotes, and more.

The Sagebrush Saloon - really cool stuff.

The Greatest TV Show Ever - TYR, of course!

The Lair - fanfic, "Evil Women of TYR," and a Pow-wow page.

Old West Nostalgia - fanfic and neat links.

Riders Ranch - factual info, links, poems & fanfic...also writer's resource.

My Piece of America - good fanfic, TYR Dictionary, and a page dedicated to the funny scenes of TYR.

Sweetwater Station - fanfic, episode guide, and character profiles.

The Hitching Post - fanfic page, music, pictures and artwork.

The Young Riders Fanfic Page - fanfic, zodiacs for the riders, addresses, and lots of pics.

Rider Coming - terrific episode guides.

Fans of The Young Riders - neat page with links and stuff, by Holly LeAnn.

Wounds Inventory - all the scenes where a rider got hurt are documented here.

The Young Riders Fan Page - new site with fanfic, messageboard, and links.

Rider Bryan's TYR Site (main page) - just about everything! (the only site by a GUY that I've found so far)

Sights, Sounds, Soliloquies - tons of western/cowboy stuff including: TYR fanfic, TYR Choose Your Own Adventure, and more.



Saddlin' Station - fan-fiction, info about the actual Pony Express, and a forum to respond to dialogue from the show.  

Pony Express Home Station - all about the Express itself.



Kid & Lou Shrine - site dedicated to these two characters.

Ride Safe, Kid - Japanese fan's site about Kid.

Just Kiddin' Around - tons of info on Ty Miller.

Kidnation - yet another page for Ty Miller....no kidding. Includes fanfic contests.

The Rival Riders - Jimmy & Kid website.

Til Death Do They Part - Kid & Lou site.



Kid & Lou Shrine - site dedicated to these two characters.

Lady for an Era - Lou site.

St. James' Place - Jimmy & Lou stuff.

Til Death Do They Part - Kid & Lou.

AbsoLOUtely FabuLOUs LOUnatics - For Lou fans everywhere to pledge their allegiance.


Cody's Corner - all about William F. Cody, the character. (This is a sub-site of the below SBAC link.)

The Stephen Baldwin Admiration Circle - unofficial page on Stephen (Cody), includes pics and video clip of Stephen's M&M commercial from his appearance on ET. (ET = Entertainment Tonight TV program.)

Stephen Baldwin - Trudie's fan page.

Stephen Baldwin Fan Club - a fun site for Stephen fans, with membership information and links to other Stephen fan sites. (Not a Yahoo club.)



St. James' Place - dedicated to Josh Brolin (son of actor James Brolin)

The Josh Brolin Drool Page - um . . . ok.

The Rival Riders - Jimmy & Kid site.

Hickock's Haven - all about Jimmy



Vaya Con Dios, Ike! - the Travis Fine / Ike Web Site

OAAS - "Obscure Actors Appreciation Society" contains webpages on Anthony Zerbe and Travis Fine, better known as Teaspoon and Ike respectively.

Blood Brothers - Ike and Buck site.

The Travis "Fine"atics Page - Katie's Travis/Ike site.



Gregg Rainwater - official page on the actor who brought Buck Cross to life. **under reconstruction**

Blood Brothers - Ike and Buck site.

The Buck Stop - official home of the Buck-ettes. ("the official UNofficial Gregg Rainwater website.")

The Gregg Rainwater Web Site - from Japan! (available in English too.)



From A to Z: the Anthony Zerbe page - self-explanatory.

OAAS - "Obscure Actors Appreciation Society" contains webpages on Anthony Zerbe and Travis Fine, better known as Teaspoon and Ike respectively.

Teaspoon Saloon



The Official Brett Cullen Website

Sam Cain: US Marshal

Unofficial Brett Site


CHRIS PETTIET - JESSE JAMES (memorial sites for Chris)

Chris Pettiet Memorial Page - on TYR FanFic site

Remembering Chris Pettiet - by Kathleen @ Riders Coming

In Memory of Christopher Pettiet - by Kevin McDermott, Center Stage L.A.

The Christopher Pettiet Memorial Scholarship Fund



Rachel's Schoolhouse

Women of the West



Seaquest DSV -- Don Franklin - site about Don's role on the series "Seaquest DSV."

Quite Franklin - Anything & everything about Don Franklin.



I Believe in Secrets - tribute to Melissa Leo.

Women of the West



Note: the clubs are on Yahoo. Descriptions in quotes are as listed in Yahoo club directory.

Young Riders RPG - club for RPG-ing.

The Young Riders - fan club

Young Riders Forever - fan club

Rider Commin - RPG & club

Jimmy's Haven - club just for Jimmy, other riders' fans welcome too

Ikeotics - My own Ike club.

The Buckaroos - Buck/Gregg fan club.

The Young Riders Clan - Kara's TYR fan club.

TYR WebRing - connection of TYR sites (site list).

Pony Express Station - TYR / Pony Express webring site list.

The Gregg Rainwater WebRing - site list.

Chat about Stephen Baldwin - "A place to chat about Stephen Baldwin"

Stephen Baldwin - "His attitude is so cool! :-)"

Stephen Baldwin Extravaganza - "Dedicated to Hollywood's best guy, Stephen Baldwin"

Stephen Baldwin Fanclub - "Talk about the gorgeous Stephen Baldwin"



TYR Fan Fiction - entirely for fan stories :-)

TYR Fan Fic - more fanfic

TYR's Bedtime Stories - stories grouped by content, and contests

Rider Up! - recommended stories from other Web pages; instructions on accessing the chat room.

Saddlin' Station - fan-fiction, info about the actual Pony Express, and a forum to respond to dialogue from the show.

The Mathias Library - Collection of western/cowboy stories, includes separate section for TYR fan-fic.

The TYR FanFic Page - stories and more; a "fan"tastic site.

St. James' Place - Jimmy Hickock fiction.

The Seacouver Way Station - TYR / "Highlander" website, mostly fanfics.

The Silver Spoon - TYR / Hogan's Heroes / Star Trek N.G. -- Fanfics.

TYR--Back in Business - Fanfic site in Sweden.

Saddles 'n' Spurs - fanfic & more.

Sweetwater Epics

The Lair

Riders Ranch - poems & fanfic

The Annual Fan Fic award - fanfic, and the AYRF fanfic award nominations.

The Hitching Post - fanfic page, music, pictures and artwork.

The Young Riders Fanfic Page - fanfic, riders' zodiacs, addresses, pics.

Once Upon A Time - fanfic, poetry, essays.

My Place For TYR

Cody's Corner - Cody poems, fanfic.

The Young Riders - another great fanfic site.

Scarywhit's World - a new fanfic site...not much yet 'cept the beginning of a story by Scarywhit.



TYR-Land Gazette - a fun newsletter for fans (online)

TYR FAQ - just about any questions/answers regarding TYR "fandom."

REUNIONS - keep updated on yearly TYR fan get-togethers (USA).

ECR 2000 - East Coast Rendez-vous (USA) TYR reunion memories, 2000...info on 2001 date & venue.

SHOW "BLOOPERS" - part of the *Welcome to Sweetwater* site; click JAIL when entering from the main page.

ECR photos - Charla - Pics of 2000 TYR reunion in Luray, VA.

ECR photos - Gail - Luray, VA.

ECR pics - Raye - Luray, VA.

TYR GAMES - besides the RPG-ing, several of the main TYR sites have games and puzzles to test your knowledge of the show -- like this multiple-choice quiz.

Don Collier Official Homepage - site for Don, who played the storekeeper William Tompkins

ECR pics - Tucson, AZ