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So, you really wanna
know about little ol' me?

Well, most of my own bio stuff can be found on my other personal webpages at Geocities and TalkCity. (Check out the drop-down navigation bar.) To view the above pictures of me in full-size, click on one. And if you don't know that Ike is my favorite character on TYR, then apparently you found this page without entering via my main page.

I admit I'm a total "spaz" when it comes to working on sites or just being online, here at my little TYR way station in Switzerland. I've been learning the basics of HTML since 1996, when I made my own page as a member of the now-extinct WBS chat system. (If you remember that one, cool. One of the best systems I've ever seen ... before Yahoo came up with *voice chat.*) It wasn't until March 2001 that I finally got around to looking up "The Young Riders" online. I didn't think I'd find much, to be honest. But then, I've discovered that there's even a big official site for Back To The Future, so you never know what'll be online. To quote the CNN motto: "You are what you know."

TRIPOD: I really think Tripod is one of the best webpage servers. And no, I'm not getting paid to say that. LOL. I've made all the pages of this site with Microsoft Word 97. Then while putting the main TYR page on my newly-acquired Tripod site, I found tons of helpful gadgets to revolutionize my site -- including HTML "gears" like the quotes and guestbook. Well, I've supplied the quotes, but all the JavaScript and stuff for putting that on my site was from them. GuestbookGEAR is more customizable than any guestbook site I've seen. (Note: htmlGEARs are available for anyone to use, not just Tripod members. Visit the site to sign up!) Besides that, Tripod gives me an entire *50* megabytes! Thanks, guys!

So, enough from me. Saddle up, and enjoy the adventure as we know it on TYR!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saddle up your horses, we've got a trail to blaze;
Through the wide blue yonder of God's amazing grace.
We'll follow our Leader into the glorious unknown -- whoa ...
This is the great adventure!

-- The Great Adventure --
(Steven Curtis Chapman, Sparrow Records)

BACKGROUND MUSIC: Theme from "NeverEnding Story"